Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Travel Diary: Milan

1. Random street // 2. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II // 3. Il Duomo // 4. Stained Windows in Il Duomo // 5. Interior Il Duomo // 6. Stained Window in Il Duomo // 7. Italian Desserts // 8. Gelato // 9. Piazza del Duomo // 10. Top of Il Duomo // 11. View from top of Il Duomo // 12. Milano Central Railway

These pictures are from the last day of Liza and I's trip to Italy and Switzerland. At this point, we were beat from running around the whole week so we resigned ourselves to a pretty lazy last day in Milan. It was a gorgeously clear day so my highlights were: napping on the top of il Duomo and dining al fresco with some gigantic glasses of spritz. Till next time Milan, ciao!

Walk around. I find European cities just so gosh darn charming and the only way to do them justice is by feet. Stroll through the beautiful light streaming into the Galleria Vittorio. Get harassed by hawkers and pigeons in the Piazza del Duomo.  Go window shopping on the Via Monte Napoleone. 

Il Duomo.  Do a few loops around and inside to admire this spectacle of Gothic architecture. Pay extra euros to take pictures of the interior and climb the 250 steps to the top. Lay out in the sun and take a nap, you deserve it.

Spritz. Try out this Italian cocktail made of wine, Campari and sparkling water. 
Gelato.  Eat it. This is a completely biased answer because Liza and I are gelato monsters and ate gelato literally every day we were in Italy. 
Aperitivo. It's like happy hour on steroids. Kick back with a glass of spritz and enjoy the free spread of stuzzichini (appetizers) that bars lay out. Shout out to the sweet bartender that gave me a whole plate of salami. You made my day.

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