Thursday, October 9, 2014


caprese salad recipe
I am in denial that fall has arrived, and instead will continue to refer to what I was up to this summer. Making the most of the bountiful summer produce (my mom was giving away tomatoes we had so many), I was eating caprese salad all through August and September. Caprese is so simple, I feel silly even writing up this 'recipe', but I know you're all here to admire my charming wit and humor, so:

Cherry tomatoes fresh from the garden
Basil fresh from the herb box
Mozzarella fresh from my cow...and by my cow I mean Trader Joe's


1. Half the tomatoes. Squeeze out the seeds. Chop up the basil. Shred the mozzarella with your hands. Mix it all together with olive oil, salt, and pepper.
2. Marvel at the super beautiful colors. Update all your social media so your friends, family, and secret admirers can bask in your cooking prowess
3. Spoon out a serving yourself but then quickly realize what you made was the bomb and proceed to eat the whole bowl.

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