Thursday, July 3, 2014

Soup & Salad

I've been cookin' nah nahhhh (to the tune of  'Drunk in Love' because I am soo excited for Beyonce & Jay-Z next weekend!)

First up a lovely french onion soup. It takes a bit of patience to caramelize onions, but the deep, rich broth with the melty fontina croutons was sooo worth it. I also found another delicious salad recipe to add to my rotation. Super easy and tasty. Blanch some asparagus and edamame beans (couldn't locate fava ones) and then top with some bacon, fried shallots, and a lemony, parmesan dressing. Tip: fry up the shallots in the bacon grease. OH YES.

Struggle city with the lighting in my kitchen and Lightroom! Look how different the counter is in each photo haha

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